The best places to see live music

Great venues are built on the back of great memories,  forged within their walls & under their roof. A great venue is more than just a great drinks selection & good parking. It’s about the atmosphere, the vibe, the ethos. People want to be in places they feel welcome, safe & accepted. Good people are the corner stone of The Speak Easy, whether it be brilliant bands, loyal fans or great landlords and hosts. The Speak Easy is about bringing good people together to have a great time. All the venues you will see listed here are ‘good people’ they all buy into our ethos and share similar values. They tick all the equality & responsibility boxes as well as having a true community spirit. These places are our satellites of love, orbiting our little tribe. Support them, eat & drink in them…. they are a vital part of our musical eco system. You can find more information on their events, offers & opportunities by clicking on their profiles.


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